Polly’s World

Polly’s World – the new middle-grade/young adult novel coming soon.

Shortlisted for the Northern Writers Hachette Children’s Book Award

Strange things are happening to Polly Everett. It is as if her reality is being altered in subtle but noticeable ways. At first, she thinks it is her imagination, but then something occurs during a science lesson that makes her think she is going completely mad – either that, or everyone else is. She experiences a completely different lesson from the rest of the class, but no one seems to believe her version of events, leaving her upset and confused.

It takes a few more strange events and the help of Mr Jenkins, her science teacher for her to realise that she is actually jumping to different dimensions, parallel universes that are similar to the one she lives in, but with subtle changes. And daft as it sounds, the trigger for these dimensional leaps seems to be whenever she sneezes.

Before Polly has time to get her head around what is happening, she is propelled on an exhausting spree of dimension-hops to universes where things are very different from her usual world – and not always in a good way. Polly’s journey is very much a voyage of self-discovery as she finds out how much circumstances can dictate what a person will become.

Polly’s World is a novel aimed at children aged 10 and above but can equally by enjoyed by adults. Part science fiction and part family drama, it combines quantum theory with existential philosophy and comes up with a unique take on the ‘what ifs’ of everyday life.