About the Author

Jo Mabey was born more years ago than she is prepared to disclose and grew up in a small town in West Yorkshire.

Due to her belief that the grass is always greener, she left Yorkshire as a teenager and spent many years flitting from place to place, working several different jobs and studying at four universities. She did not manage to gain four degrees but somewhere along the way developed a passion for writing.

Her stories and poems have appeared in various journals and anthologies, while her YA novel, Polly’s World, was shortlisted in the Northern Writers Hachette Children’s Novel Award. She was also awarded first prize in the short story competition for Scotland’s Indie Book Festival 2023.

By an unfortunate twist of fate, Joanna ended up back in that same small West Yorkshire town from where she tried so desperately to escape and currently resides there with her high-maintenance daughter, mad dog, and overweight cat. She spends most of her time overthinking, procrastinating, and not writing. 

My Latest Writing

  • The End

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    I inhabit my dreams. I walk between the pages of books, wander through the scenes of my favourite films and dance alongside the stars of the musical theatre stage. My world is sometimes monochrome, sometimes glorious technicolour, but always thrilling. Reality is simply the dull pause between my slumbers and my fantasies. Reality is not…

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